PUR Perfect Binding

PUR Perfect Binding

Bind my book seamlessly with PUR perfect binding

Allprint Services in Liverpool, specialists in bookbinding, hot glue binding and digital printing, are thrilled to announce another addition to our range of print finishing equipment — a Duplo KB-4000 PUR Perfect Binder.

Top-quality bookbinding

If you find yourself asking ‘How can I bind my book?’ Allprint Services has the solution. If you are looking for perfect binding and impeccable wrap round binding comprising of the highest quality of adhesion for all your digital printing projects, Allprint Services’s Duplo KB-4000 PUR Perfect binder is the perfect solution.
Being a stronger, flexible and permanent book binding method, the PUR perfect binding is suitable for every grade of material and will solve all the former complications of traditional hot glue binding.

The ‘perfect bind my book’

Finding the perfect bind to your book can be accomplished with ease with our PUR perfect binding equipment. The wrap round binding process is simple and efficient, involving spreading a thinner layer of glue along the binding edge. This enables the finished product to be opened much flatter, without risking the book splitting and becoming damaged. Yes it’s safe to say that with the Duplo KB-4000 PUR Perfect binder the net result will be the ‘perfect bind to my book!’

A truly professional bookbinding solution

Whether you require the hot glue binding of a brochure, a manual, a booklet, a photo book, a novel, a magazine printing or any other type of digitally printed publication which requires the pages binding together, PUR perfect binding will provide a professional and seamless finish every time.
In fact the only way to bind a digital printed project which comprises of numerous pages is through the PUR perfect binding process and Allprint Services are the only printers in the North West which has the means, skill and equipment to achieve the perfect bind to your book.

If you are interested in PUR perfect bookbinding, give Allprint Services a call on: 0151 708 0590.

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