Paperback book printing - books printed from only £7.90

What’s Paperback
Book Printing?

50 books of 200 pages - £7.90 each
50 books of 300 pages - £10.90 each
50 books of 400 pages - £13.90 each
* Plus carriage and artwork
where required
Size = A5 • Paper = 80gsm white
Text = Black ink
Binding = Case binding
with colour jackets

Proof Reading service available

Telephone for details

Paperback book printing is the most common way to bind or finish a book. They are preferred by third-party publishers and self-publishers alike mainly because they cost a lot cheaper in contrast to their hardcover counterparts. Paperback book printing mostly uses cheaper paper quality glued together and then covered in a thicker sort of paper or cardboard making them cheap and the most relevant option for many books.

For third-party publishers, paperback book printing is about the only option to print a book from a newly signed writer. This is because upcoming writers are not expected to immediately have a great following making hardcover book printing a financial suicide. Thanks to paperback book printing and the advent of newer printing technologies, self-publishers will not have a hard time finding the initial investment to print just a few of their books at a cost lower than a hundred pounds.

The use of paperback book printing has been around since the turn of the 19th century. Books made from paperback book printing back then come in a number of names including “mass-market paperback”. From then on, paperback book printing has grown in use up until the present time where it can be considered the standard.

Although paperback book printing may not be as durable and aesthetically better than their hardcover – mostly marketed as limited edition books – counterparts, they have made quite a great impact on the overall proliferation of knowledge and whatnot in the modern world. With paperback book printing and other innovations in printing technology, the cost of printing books has never been lower making knowledge accessible to as many human beings as possible.

Hopefully the next time you pick-up your next book, you can distinguish if it is one made by paperback book printing or otherwise.

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