Printing Books - books printed from only £7.90

Printing Books

50 books of 200 pages - £7.90 each
50 books of 300 pages - £10.90 each
50 books of 400 pages - £13.90 each
* Plus carriage and artwork
where required
Size = A5 • Paper = 80gsm white
Text = Black ink
Binding = Case binding
with colour jackets

Proof Reading service available

Telephone for details

The art and science behind printing books has been dated way back in the 9th century in China. Back then, printing books cost a fortune and a single book may cost more than an entire farm. Only the chosen few had the privilege to get a hold of books and the knowledge they contain.

Thanks to the advancements in paper making and machinery, printing books started becoming cheaper. The developments of cheaper ways of printing books can not be credited to a single person however, a few notable innovators can be mentioned like Johannes Gutenburg of Germany. He was able to skillfully make the best use of his gold smiting skills to make the necessary molds that ultimately lead to the advancement of printing books in a much cheaper process.

Gutenburg’s press has been a very significant in printing books. In fact, the Gutenburg press continued to be used for more than 300 years after it has established itself in printing books back in the year 1436. The next considerable step in printing books can be attributed to Lord Stanhope who was able to construct a press for printing books that has been made completely from cast iron which only required 90% of the labor force needed to make the former Gutenburg press and it also doubled the size of the printable area making printing books a lot more easier and faster. This happened at around the year 1800.

Ever since the industrial revolution, printing books has never been the same again all thanks to the dedicated people who have never stopped innovating the machineries in the industry. To date, printing books can be done in a number of different ways depending on what you need done. All the existing ways in printing books deliver quality output at the rate considered unimaginable during the start of printing books back in the 9th century.

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