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Leaflet Printing Costs

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5 Ways to Bring Down Your Leaflet Printing Costs

Leaflet printing costs are already cheap enough as it is. But when you’re running a business that requires you to spend on everything from wages, to operations, to stock, to supplies, it is always better to cut costs where you can.

Leaflet printing costs are already one of the cheapest costs in small business advertising as is; second only to word of mouth. Some business owners believe that it can’t get any cheaper than what they’re already paying, but here are five helpful tips to make sure you can keep your leaflet printing costs down while keeping your profit margins up.

1. Buy in Bulk

When it comes to printing, the popular saying still holds: the more the merrier. The larger your order, the lower your leaflet printing costs. Since most printing services are always happy to have a return customer, don’t be afraid to ask for a discount for particularly large orders.

Don’t be so quick to throw away your cash when it comes to working with a new printer service though, get yourself a free leaflet sample first to see what you kind of quality you can expect. Once you are happy with what you see, you can go ahead and order in bulk to keep your leaflet printing costs down.

2. Use a Printing Process That Suits Your Budget

There are different kinds of printing processes. Each printing process can raise or lower your leaflet printing costs depending on what you choose. Digital printing, for example, is designed for low bulk orders. But since the order for digital printing is normally for small numbers, the price per page is usually very high.

Find out what printing processes are available from your printing service and quote yourself a price for the one that best suits your needs.

3. Check Your Work Before Printing

Reprints are always are hassle to work with. Most printing services are happy to reprint orders if they’re at fault, but when it’s an error on your end, you can end up spending more than you bargained for. Make sure to check and double your leaflet design so you can avoid jacking up your leaflet printing costs because of unnecessary reprints.

4. Check Your Colors

Leaflet printing costs will always be higher when printing in color than in black and white. If you want to cut corners in terms of costs, try working with fewer colors or with simple black and white. Come up with a design that works with the colors you can afford.

5. Quote for Different Kinds of Paper

Paper is another factor you have to account for when trying to lower your leaflet printing costs. Always ask for the cheapest paper your printer service has in stock. Ask them to print a free sample for you, and see if that kind of quality can work for you.

Sure the internet now has its own place in marketing however, you shouldn’t forget about the more “traditional” ways of getting the word out, the likes of simple leaflet printing – regardless if its a4 leaflet printing, a5 leaflet printing or even leaflet flyer printing.  There’s just no denying that good leaflet design can make a company look larger than it actually is even if these are just cheap leaflets printed. In fact, cheap leaflet printing – the likes of folded leaflet printing - from any leaflet printing UK company just might be the only way to get more visits for some businesses. A visit from a reliable leaflet printing company should be able to open your eyes to have leaflet printing costs and leaflet printing services can help your business in producing printed leaflets or even book printing to drive more foot traffic to your front door.

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