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How to Maximize the Potential of Printed Leaflets

For many of us, printed leaflets may be considered one of the most unimaginative means of marketing. And if it weren’t for sales calls in the middle of dinner time, printed leaflets may have been considered as one of the most annoying marketing strategies in history.

However, despite these negative impressions on printed leaflets, there are countless ways to maximize their potential as a cheap, and effective marketing tool. More of than not, it isn’t the medium of the marketing that has a problem, but how the marketing is executed.

The Cost of Printed Leaflets

Obviously, printed leaflets do not have the reach of traditional media like television, radio or newspapers. However, printed leaflets aren’t also as expensive. They come at the fraction of the cost, and can be great marketing alternative for small to medium businesses looking for additional exposure on a tight budget. More often than not, printed leaflets come cheaper the more you have them printed.

Find the Perfect Spot for Printed Leaflets

The trick to maximizing the potential of printed leaflets isn’t simply by depending on quantity alone. The best way to utilize printed leaflets is by identifying the perfect places to give them out, and the perfect people to give them to. Finding this out will require you to understand the very fundamentals of your business, your customers and their behavior. If you’re selling affordable (read: cheap) take-out food, it wouldn’t make sense for you to distribute it on the posh, high-income side of the city. If you’re selling real estate or condominium units, it wouldn’t be smart to have your printed leaflets given to people who look like they can’t afford their own home. Remember, this isn’t only information for yourself, but for the rest of your staff who’ll be in charge with distributing them.

Rethink the Design of Printed Leaflets

Design is the first thing potential customers will see when they pick up your printed leaflet, and it will be one of the clearest deciding factors on whether they’ll take note of your leaflet or throw it away. Of course, getting a professional graphic design would cost a pretty penny, but sometimes good design is founded on knowing what exactly you want to communicate in the printed leaflet. If you’ve a sale coming up, make that the centerpiece of the leaflet. If you’ve a coupon attached to the leaflet, make sure it’s easily seen. Don’t expect customers to sift through texts upon texts of information by cramming it down a single sheet of paper.

Sure the internet now has its own place in marketing however, you shouldn’t forget about the more “traditional” ways of getting the word out, the likes of simple leaflet printing – regardless if its a4 leaflet printing, a5 leaflet printing or even leaflet flyer printing.  There’s just no denying that good leaflet design can make a company look larger than it actually is even if these are just cheap leaflets printed. In fact, cheap leaflet printing – the likes of folded leaflet printing - from any leaflet printing UK company just might be the only way to get more visits for some businesses. A visit from a reliable leaflet printing company should be able to open your eyes to have leaflet printing costs and leaflet printing services can help your business in producing printed leaflets or even book printing to drive more foot traffic to your front door.

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