Book Publisher - books printed from only £7.90

Book Publisher

50 books of 200 pages - £7.90 each
50 books of 300 pages - £10.90 each
50 books of 400 pages - £13.90 each
* Plus carriage and artwork
where required
Size = A5 • Paper = 80gsm white
Text = Black ink
Binding = Case binding
with colour jackets

Proof Reading service available • Telephone for details

A book publisher may sound like the best thing that could happen to an upcoming writer however, not all publishers are there to turn any writer's dream come true. The statistics in the writing industry is huge with 1 in every 8 persons proudly calling themselves a writer. In the US alone, this number is probably around 30 million. And when there is a market, then there's money. When there's money, you can expect scam artists to be there pretending to be a book publisher preying on the dreams and hopes of many wannabe writers.

How can an upcoming writer keep his dreams with good company? Be vigilant of the so-called book publisher that is more than happy enough to give you a call offering to make you into a best-selling writer. Keep your logic straight. Remember, cash flow should go from a book publisher to a writer so stay away from those impostors asking for some sort of acceptance fee for your book to be accepted in their publishing house. Someone is obviously trying to get your money instead of give you more in such a case.

One other thing to watch out for in a book publisher is editing cost. If the publishing house sends you to a particular editing person to get your editing service from, you should be worried. Editing is part of any book publishing process and it should be part of the perks you get from your book publisher at no cost.

By now, you should know where this is going right? The point here is, be wary if cash flow is not going in the right direction with your book publisher.

A book publisher or book publishers are companies that offer book publishing services. This basically means that they are the ones you go to when you want to get book published and when I get my book published, I will also go to them. How to get a book published and how to publish a book or to make it more personal, how to publish your book depends on a variety of reasons. But one thing is certain, a publish book or publish books are a lot better than mere thoughts that runs on your mind. To publish your book or to publish my book would be one of the great milestones in any ordinary person. You see, when you publish your own book or publishing a book yourself can easily be done now because publishing books has become cheaper. In fact, publishing your book, sometimes called self publishing a book is now the norm due to the popularity of small book publishing. A self publish book or self publish a book is how any aspiring writer get his or her work published these days. And there is no doubt that a self publishing book author is a far better than one that goes with a 3rd party publisher.

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