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How to self publish a book

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Self-publishing is already a popular trend nowadays among writers. It allows the writer full control of the book publishing and printing process. Cost-effectiveness and payments more than the standard royal contracts are also some of the benefits when one wants to self publish a book.

Goal setting

Initially, it is imperative for the writer to have his own goals when doing publishing on his own. Some writers want to only publish a few copies for friends and family while others want to print a huge number of copies for distribution to book shops. To self publish a book, the writer’s vision and goals should be clear enough to direct the rest of the process.

Determining the costs

A writer should also familiarize himself with the printing costs. It varies among printing companies and they may also charge extra for layout help, editing, book cover design and photos. Writers who self publish a book should expect 3 to 6 dollars per edits, 3-5 dollars for production, 500 to 5000 dollars for book design and 3 dollars per 300-page book printed.

Shopping for publishers

Print on demand publishers are ideal for writers who want to print short runs of their book. To self publish a book, the writer can ask potential suppliers of books that they have recently printed. He can check for the quality of the book and how much money was spent on it. When checking for book quality, one should consider paper quality, cover design, binding and layout.

Requesting an ISBN number

Writers who want to self publish a book should request for an International Standard Book Number (ISBN). It is a standard code for book identification and is unique for each book. Cost for 10 ISBN’s is 150 dollars with a minimum processing fee of 75 dollars.

A book publisher or book publishers are companies that offer book publishing services. This basically means that they are the ones you go to when you want to get book published and when I get my book published, I will also go to them. How to get a book published and how to publish a book or to make it more personal, how to publish your book depends on a variety of reasons. But one thing is certain, a publish book or publish books are a lot better than mere thoughts that runs on your mind. To publish your book or to publish my book would be one of the great milestones in any ordinary person. You see, when you publish your own book or publishing a book yourself can easily be done now because publishing books has become cheaper. In fact, publishing your book, sometimes called self publishing a book is now the norm due to the popularity of small book publishing. A self publish book or self publish a book is how any aspiring writer get his or her work published these days. And there is no doubt that a self publishing book author is a far better than one that goes with a 3rd party publisher.

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