Self Publish a Book - books printed from only £7.90

Self publish book

50 books of 200 pages - £7.90 each
50 books of 300 pages - £10.90 each
50 books of 400 pages - £13.90 each
* Plus carriage and artwork
where required
Size = A5 • Paper = 80gsm white
Text = Black ink
Binding = Case binding
with colour jackets

Proof Reading service available • Telephone for details

More and more established authors are opting the way of a self publish book these days. This is because more of seasoned authors have realized that if they get a highly regarded enough name for themselves, their self publish book can actually sell and reach the same amount of audience as if they were being sold and marketed by traditional publishing houses.

In fact, sometimes a self publish book might even do better compared to relying on the efforts of a publisher. Although such a path may not be the easiest for an established author to take, it does allow for the most revenue since there is no need for a middle-man to take most of the sales price in any given book. The more an author matures in the publishing industry, the more he or she gets the juice of how the business goes making their self publish book even easier to sell since they know their target audience better.

A self publish book gives authors a hand at every single process in the publication - from designing the front cover till the details and the pictures that should be printed on the back. After all, the authors of a self publish book knows better than anyone how their prospected readers think.

One disadvantage of a self publish book is no doubt the availability of both manpower and time of the authors. Nobody on this world can just do everything by his own, not even the best selling authors themselves. This is where creativity and management comes in. An established author of a self publish book should somehow know the ins and outs of the industry already to be able to do this daunting feat. With this on hand, the author can just easily get the necessary manpower needed to accomplished desired goals for a self publish book to sell and reach its peak.

All-in-all, it all comes down to the individual capability of an author to be able to get his or her self publish book to the pot of gold at the end of realistic rainbow.

A book publisher or book publishers are companies that offer book publishing services. This basically means that they are the ones you go to when you want to get book published and when I get my book published, I will also go to them. How to get a book published and how to publish a book or to make it more personal, how to publish your book depends on a variety of reasons. But one thing is certain, a publish book or publish books are a lot better than mere thoughts that runs on your mind. To publish your book or to publish my book would be one of the great milestones in any ordinary person. You see, when you publish your own book or publishing a book yourself can easily be done now because publishing books has become cheaper. In fact, publishing your book, sometimes called self publishing a book is now the norm due to the popularity of small book publishing. A self publish book or self publish a book is how any aspiring writer get his or her work published these days. And there is no doubt that a self publishing book author is a far better than one that goes with a 3rd party publisher.

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